Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dress for Meggy

This is Meggy. And she is my best friend. We met when we were sixteen, because she lived in the same neighborhood as my first boyfriend.

My favorite things about Meggy:
  • She is totally loyal. Meggy is the friend that shows up to my party an hour early to make sure the oranges are sliced and that I have enough time to get dressed.
  • She has the best appetite. No one ever expects this out of her because she's just so tiny. I've seen her win eating contests when she was competing against male football players on steroids. She's amazing.
  • She's as smart as a whip. She is fluent in Spanish and she has read every book you have read.
  • She doesn't mind that I don't text message. I'm pretty sure this annoys most of my friends, but Meggy doesn't care. She just calls.
  • She loves my family. When my whole family gets together it is incredibly loud and it can get crazy. She always sticks around and just laughs with me. 
I designed this dress for Meggy. It all started with the shoes. They reminded me of the movie Meet Me In Saint Louis, so while I was trying to think of a design for Meggy, I watched it. I was really inspired by the corsets, pleated skirts, and puffy sleeves. 
The bodice of Meggy's dress is made with small box pleats that create an illusion of a corset. The box pleats also give the skirt its fullness.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Black and Blue Dress

I designed the  Black and Blue Dress, then made it from a vintage polyester blend, because I loved the way it draped. The black piping in my favorite part.

Modeled by Nicki.
The Black and Blue Dress is available here.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pretty Prizes

Christmas was really amazing. We got to spend it with my wonderful parents and I loved every minute. This year, I was especially thrilled about three prizes I received.

First, this vintage hand bag from my best friend Meggy. I've recently added a few masculine pieces to my wardrobe like brogues, crisp white dress shirts and ties, so I thought this feminine brief case was just perfect!

Second, these shoes from my true love Drew. They're unworn. They're vintage. And they're my size, which never happens with vintage shoes (because my feet are just so big). I think these shoes are so beautiful. But the absolute BEST part about them, is that the brand is Drew, my husband's name! Totally amazing.

Third, a ring from 1952 that my father gave to me. It has two amethyst stones, surrounded by diamonds, surrounded by emeralds, all set in yellow gold. Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?

It's s nice to know that the people I love know me so well.
The hand bag came from an antique shop in Salt Lake City.
The shoes came from Animal Head Vintage.
The Ring came from Kelly Jewelers.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Color Magic

I found these awesome shoes at a thrift shop.
Although they were incredibly cute, they were very discolored with age. They're not even my size, but I got them anyway.


I tried cleaning them, but nothing really worked. I only paid $2.00 for them, so I decided I would try dyeing them.

Well, it didn't go as smooth as I had hoped. The whole dyeing process made them shrink down to a tiny size 5. Do you know anyone with feet that small? I do. My best friend! Her feet are so tiny that when she buys the smallest size available in women's shoes, she still has to shove a cotton ball in the toe, so they don't flop around when she walks. I gave these to her, and she said they're the first pair of shoes that actually fit her. Hooray!

P.S. You can dye just about anything any color you want. Check it out.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Print Blouse

I found this vintage printed cotton at a thrift shop. Once I got it home and unrolled it, I was delighted to find a prize inside. It was another yard of coordinating fabric. The print was the same, only larger. I designed this blouse after one of my favorite tops that I had in high school. The details I love are the purple buttons, the cuffed sleeves, and of course, the coordinating print on the back yoke.

Modeled by Nicki.
The Print Blouse is available here. (Pictured with the Career Skirt).

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Favorite Costuming from 2011

Drew and I watch a lot of movies. Drew likes a wide range but he is always drawn to foreign movies or documentaries. I like funny movies, sports movies, and true story movies that make you feel like the world is a good place. Sometimes Drew wants to see a movie that I'm not interested in at all, but I'll watch it anyway, because I just like to look at the clothes.

So, here is some of my favorite costume design from 2011.

Contagion Costume design by:  Louise Frogley
I loved the clothing for Marion Cotillard. She always wore suits and the trousers were short and slim.

The Help Costume design by: Sharen Davis
It seems like doing a period piece like this would be so difficult. I thought everything was beautiful. I just adore all the bright colors.

In Time Costume design by: Colleen Atwood
The main girl always looks good, but the men's clothing was just stunning! The gang of bad guys was the best. I loved the details: double-button collars, functioning buttons on the jacket sleeves, contrasting collars. 

Notice the EIGHT functioning buttons on the sleeve of his jacket!

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shaddows Costume Design by: Jenny Beavan 
Everything about the clothing is perfect. I love the variations for the men's collars.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Drew and I are going to see my mom and dad and I'm so excited! We'll get to eat ham and go swimming and watch movies and drink coca-cola. Oh I can't wait!

Hope you have an amazing holiday!

Friday, December 23, 2011

School Skirt

I had two great pieces of vintage plaid. They were only one yard each, so, only enough for two skirts. They're high-waisted with small pleats and a front button closure.

Modeled by Nicki and Erica.
The School Skirt is available here.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jeans for Me

I've been needing a new pair of jeans for a while, and I haven't gotten around to making them until now. They're just a simple stovepipe cut. I like to wear them with my brogues. After I took the pictures, I remembered that I had made the shirt and vest also! Lucky me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clothes for my True Love

I'd like to introduce you to my true love. His name is Drew. I've been in love with him since I was fifteen. Drew used to be a touring musician. He now owns the best barber shop in the state.

My favorite things about Drew:

  • He is thorough about everything. When we moved out of our first apartment, the landlord gave us our full deposit because she was so impressed with the outstanding cleaning job he had done in the oven. "It looks brand new!" she exclaimed.
  • He is a good conversationalist. Friends often say that Drew has a talent for making people feel good about themselves. It's true. I think he does it through conversations. He's sincerely interested in people and what they have to say.
  • He appreciates creativity. Drew is very creative himself. He loves music and film specifically. Although our interests are pretty different, he always tells me he loves my drawings and my dresses.
  • He's protective of me.  I never have to drive because it makes me nervous. I'm also afraid of dogs and if they come running and barking, he is always my defender.
  • He loves it when I cook dinner. It doesn't matter what I cook, he usually says, "Girl, this dinner is money!"
I love Drew!
I made him a shirt and a vest.