Monday, December 26, 2011

My Favorite Costuming from 2011

Drew and I watch a lot of movies. Drew likes a wide range but he is always drawn to foreign movies or documentaries. I like funny movies, sports movies, and true story movies that make you feel like the world is a good place. Sometimes Drew wants to see a movie that I'm not interested in at all, but I'll watch it anyway, because I just like to look at the clothes.

So, here is some of my favorite costume design from 2011.

Contagion Costume design by:  Louise Frogley
I loved the clothing for Marion Cotillard. She always wore suits and the trousers were short and slim.

The Help Costume design by: Sharen Davis
It seems like doing a period piece like this would be so difficult. I thought everything was beautiful. I just adore all the bright colors.

In Time Costume design by: Colleen Atwood
The main girl always looks good, but the men's clothing was just stunning! The gang of bad guys was the best. I loved the details: double-button collars, functioning buttons on the jacket sleeves, contrasting collars. 

Notice the EIGHT functioning buttons on the sleeve of his jacket!

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shaddows Costume Design by: Jenny Beavan 
Everything about the clothing is perfect. I love the variations for the men's collars.


  1. NatalieDec 27, 2011 06:02 AM
    I agree about the costuming for In Time: it was beautiful. I was glad my husband dragged me to see it! The Help reminded us why we all looove vintage. The colours and gorgeous silhouette are femininity personified
  2. SymbioticLifeDec 28, 2011 03:01 AM
    I now want to see the movie In Time, just so I can see all the clothes. I will have to start paying closer attention to these types of details from now on. I love the print top you made as well. That was really pretty and right up my ally.

Thanks for the note!