Friday, December 9, 2011

Giveaway Winners + Hope

Thank you a thousand times to everyone who entered the Giveaway! 
Congratulations to the winners: Erin and Dotted Lines.

Drew and I received the most unusual Christmas card yesterday. In the picture, the whole family was wearing gas masks. My only association with gas masks is the end of the world/apocalyptic carnage. So, to see it paired with a family and a Christmas tree, well, it kind of sent my head spinning. After seeing it a few times I realized I really loved it. I don't know if the family was just having fun or trying to make a statement, but I like to think they were sending a message about hope. I like to believe that if at some point, our survival depends on  gas masks, and we're still celebrating Christmas, that means there will still be hope for the future. I like hope.

I just drew a section of their family photo because I thought it was so wonderful.

11 x 15
Watercolor & ink on paper


  1. cat palmerDec 9, 2011 02:13 PM
    i love that we made it into your blog. for the record, it was just for fun. we just genuinely love gas masks. normally we send run-of-the-mill christmas photo cards out and decided to shake things up a bit. funnily, we are a happy LDS family. haha.

Thanks for the note!